Ridge Elementary PTA

A Message From The President -

Thank you to all the volunteers that have made the PTA a success the last two years in helping build our Ridge community. I am thankful and proud that I was chosen to be the PTA President for the first two years since Ridge Elementary's inception. My family and I have made lifelong friends by being active in our amazing community. 

  • Michelle Godek
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Congratulations to the 2020-21 PTA Board Members:

Manuella Crawley – President

John Samac - Vice President

Brittany Lachina - Vice President

Heather Higham - Recording Secretary

Rachel Meeks - Corresponding Secretary

Kelly Kelbach - Treasurer

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The Ridge Community Pantry is here!

A small, free community pantry has been installed in the back our building (donated by the Ridge PTA). We hope this will be a great resource for our Ridge families. The pantry is meant to provide an opportunity for neighbors to help neighbors in this time of unprecedented need.

 The pantry will operate in an honor system (take what you need, give what you can!).

We imagine it as a place for the community to share non-perishable foods, paper products, books and small toys (like puzzles or outdoor chalk). We hope this is an opportunity for all of us to support those who have these needs this coming summer months. Go check it out when you get the opportunity!

* Please do not use this as a dumping ground for all unwanted items. Let’s be conscious of the space and only place items that can fit inside the pantry to keep the school grounds clean and safe. Only share those items you believe others could benefit from.