Principals' Message


Welcome to the 2022-23 school year!  Our Ridge students are continuing to learn how to demonstrate our Ridge Core Values.  Our goal is to establish these values as we focus on Leadership and Learning for Life with our students, teachers, and staff!  


R = Be Responsible

I = Have Integrity

D = Show Dignity

G = Express Gratitude

E = Show 100% Effort


Each month students are involved in activities to support our Ridge Core Values under the leadership of the Ridge Student Ambassadors. 


We are looking for

ward to working with all of our Ridge stakeholders to continue to create a culture of learning.  This year our theme is “Great Happens Here” and we are thrilled and excited to see all of the great things we accomplish together at Ridge!


We want to thank our Ridge stakeholders for your continued support.  Remember our PTA is a great way to become even more involved at Ridge.  We hope to see you at a PTA meeting soon.


If you have any questions about our programs and need specific information, please do not hesitate to call Mrs. Poremba or Mrs. Heramb at 974-5400.  


Everyday we ask our students:  Why Are You Here?  The students passionately respond... TO LEARN!! Let's make this a GREAT learning year!


Jodi Poremba, Principal

Annie Heramb, Assistant Principal 

Ridge Elementary School


Mrs. Jodi Poremba, Principal; Mrs. Annie Heramb, Assistant Principal

Mrs. Jodi Poremba, Principal      Mrs. Annie Heramb, Assistant Principal
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