Heroic Award

We have been talking about HEROES at Ridge all year long. Sometimes doing small things make us heroes. And sometimes doing BIG things make us heroes. So many of our students have done something to make someone’s life easier, helped a friend, or offered assistance to someone which makes them a hero.
We have one student that we would like to honor as doing a courageous thing. 
Kyler, one of our 5th graders, has always been a very caring and giving person.  We know that from seeing him in action every day.  But recently he was in a situation that required quick thinking and heroic measures.  While on vacation, he noticed a child in distress under the water.  He quickly moved to help the child reach the surface of the water where he was handed over to medical personnel that took it from there.  He saw something and acted to try to help someone out. 
He became a hero because he tried.  He acted.  He cared.
Kyler Santos Heroic picture