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Bridget Heiss - Library Assistant

Guidelines for students checking out books during the school year.
  • Students in Kindergarten and 1st grade are allowed 1 book at a time.
  • Students in grades 2nd through 5th are able to take out 2 books out at a time.
  • All books are due back the next week of your child’s book exchange.
  • If the book is overdue 2 weeks, a notice will be sent out with your child.
  • A second notice will also be sent home with your child if it has been over a month.
  • Books that are still missing or not returned, a 3rd notice will be sent home to you by mail.
  • Book(s)that are not returned or the replacement fee paid by the next week’s class, your student will not be able to check out any books until it is returned or paid for.
**Students should have a special place for their library books at home. Please make them responsible for getting them back on their specific due date.  I appreciate your help in this matter, and look forward to helping your child reach their reading goal. Please feel free to contact me anytime via e-mail at: 

Library Resources: 

Accelerated Reader is a research-based reading program that has been implemented school-wide. This program encourages students to read within their reading range successfully and take comprehension tests on the computer. Click on the link below to find out how you can support your child's independent reading.
Ridge has access to all Accelerated Reader tests published.
See if your child's book has an AR Test on

Username: mentorsd

Password:  books